And so we come to the end of the semester! Below, find everyone’s final video essays which run the gamut from wordless supercuts to voice-over heavy studies. Enjoy!

Emotion Pictures

Feelings In Film Video by Laura Dengrove

The Coen Brothers- The Nature of Evil (Supercut) by Andy Martinez

So, You Wanna Do Drugs? by Melissa Moss

How To Do Love by Michael Lamberty

Getting Technical

Costumes of The Great Gatsby: Then & Now by Khirsten Harper

Plot Twist: Who didn’t see that coming? by Tanei Smoot

A Song is Worth 1,000 Emotions by Chelsea Merker

Did You Hear That by Jasmine Eaton

Blockbuster Films

Spider-Man’s Web of Influence by Dom Uy

Alien Allies in Film by Skylar Jeremias

The Moments of Spielberg by Michael Moser

Studies in Film

Video Essay: The Representation Of Transgenders In Movies And TV Shows by Sophie Laroche

Environmental Depictions In Film by Mike Meade

by Micah Bowden

Product Placement in modern day films by Brian Yao

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Final Project Checklist

As you begin making final edits to your video, here is a reminder of what you need to do before we meet on Tuesday May 5th 2-4pm for our “Final Project Gallery” (it probably won’t take us the full 2 hours but I’ve booked MU 038 just in case).

1. Finish Video
2. Make sure your video has a helpful Title and that you’ve composed a brief About blurb for it (50-100 words) that basically answers the question “what is this video about?” Offer as much information there as you want.
3. Upload Video to YouTube (requires Google login) OR Vimeo (requires creating a Vimeo account) OR merely to Google Drive (making sure you’ve shared it with me and made it publicly available).
4. Embed it into a NEW POST on your own blog, including the About blurb as the main text in the post.

Be sure to fill the following Google Form with the necessary info I’ll be using to plan that final meeting:

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Using Music: The Films of Aronofsky

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Gay Men on Screen: “A Place for Us”

My project focuses on the various representations of gay men on screen (both silver and small).

A Place for Us

Includes clips from The Maltese Falcon (1941) all the way up to American Horror Story: Freakshow (2014), pausing on important LGBT representations (United States of Tara, In & Out, Will & Grace, The Birdcage, Glee, My Best Friend’s Wedding, etc.).

This first part is subtitled “Coming Out” and works to showcase the “I’m gay” trope, followed closely by the flamboyant, dancing queen figure before morphing into a showcase of various queer (or gay-coded) villains, from Xerxes in 300 to Norman Bates in Psycho.

A sneak peak at my process, from iMovie:

A Place for Us (iMovie 02)

A Place for Us (Handbrake)

A Place for Us (ClipConverter)


See the full, completed video below:

Gay Men on Screen: A Place for Us (Supercut) from Manuel Betancourt on Vimeo.

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Signing Out Equipment + Oral Presentations Schedule

To book time in the Plangere Culture Lab, email either Paul Bielecki or Jess Gonzalez (our multimedia tutor). They will work with you to try to match you with open time that will fit their schedule, but they cannot, and will not accommodate students who show up without any prior email contact.

As for checking out equipment – please note that you can check out flip cameras or Vixia cameras from the PCL for several weeks (or, until there is a significant need for an equipment recall), but the Snowball USB mics cannot be taken out of the PCL. Students needing to do any type of audio recording with the Snowballs will need to fill out equipment reservation form online. This form should be used for reserving cameras and microphone equipment.

Find below the oral presentations schedule:

Oral Presentation Schedule


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As per the latest announcement by the University, our class today is cancelled.

We’ll be pushing back the final proposal draft until after we meet next week where I’ll address how our upcoming schedule will change. Until then, mull over your final project ideas (a couple of you still seem torn between several possibilities, while others noted they needed a more narrow focus).

Assignment for next week:

– Choose one video essay from this Audiovisualcy Collection.
– After watching it, complete the table at this Google Sheet (begin a new row and shade out the appropriate cells depending on which columns are found in your essay; there are helpful guidelines in the document itself though if you have any questions feel free to email me about it.) Follow the example provided, which is based on Tony Zhou’s David Fincher video essay we all watched together.
– There is no need to produce a blog post by next week (unless you have not updated it to include a post on what you’re thinking of focusing on for your project).

Stay safe & warm and I’ll see you all next Thursday

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Supercut Survey

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