Project Requirements
For your final project, you will be required to produce a video essay (however you choose to define that) on any aspect of film. You can browse the various examples we looked over this semester to gather some inspiration and some successful models.

1. Must engage with film in some capacity
2. Must be a video essay
3. Must make use of the skills practiced in class
4. Can take any form of video you like (supercut, video essay, something more creative, etc.)
5. Give a 10-12 minute presentation on it in the last 3 weeks of class (10% of final project grade)
6. Post short blurb about it and link to it on your blog by the time of our last meeting

Final Project is worth 40% of your final grade.

Project Proposal
Your proposal should sketch out what you want your project to accomplish. It should answer the following questions and ideally the answer for each question will inform the other ones. Please post your project proposal on your own blog by March 10th (5pm) so that we can discuss them in peer review next week.

What do you want your project to focus on? (HOW/WHAT/WHY)
What type of video essay will you create? (VIDEO STRUCTURE)
What raw materials will you need for the project?
Who will be the audience for your project?
What skills/software do you expect to use?
Additionally: which skills and software tools would you like to have a better handle on?
What do you expect to work on in each of the coming weeks? (TIMELINE)
Any help/feedback you’d like from your peers or myself?

Oral Presentation
You will be tasked with offering an oral presentation about your project in the last few weeks of November. You want to walk your classmates through your project as well as your own process of production (what software did you use? what are the greatest challenges you anticipate or have already encountered? what kind of feedback would help make your project better?, etc.)
Sign up sheet is up here.

1. Roughly 10 minutes
2. Preview (or explanation) of your project
3. Explain the What/How/Why
4. You can screen a portion of your project (or all of it if it’s ready)
5. Purpose is to help you critically think about why you’re producing your project…
6. …as well as to PEER REVIEW it; expect feedback!

Final Project Rubric

grading-rubric-final-projectFor next week’s class (March 5th) please come prepared to share the main idea (or ideas) you’re considering). Jot down a couple of thoughts on your blog by March 3rd. Think of it as the “rough draft” of your proposal.

Upcoming Dates 01 Upcoming Dates 02

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