Today we’ll be working on two separate things concurrently.

HER 02

1. The Her Scene Study Assignment

You will have time to review your script (focus on making sure it can be adequately timed against the length of your scene) and from 2:00-3:30pm we’ll be going up in groups to the Plangere Culture Lab to record the voice-over. We will use Audacity from one of the laptops there unless you want to use another program in which case, you’ll have to record using your own laptop. Please save your file (export it as .wav) and send it to yourself via email.

We will then work on laying that audio track over the scenes using iMovie (though again, you’re welcome to use any other video editing software you’re more comfortable with). The aim is to finish these Scene Studies in class so as to upload them to Google Drive and share them with me (bmanuel@scarletmail.rutgers.edu). We will screen them all next week during class.


While other groups work on recording, we will also be working on breaking down Tony Zhou’s style of video essays.

Zhou 01

2. An exploration of Tony Zhou’s video essays
Individually, choose any one of Zhou’s video essays and write an annotation of it (discuss its title, its organizational structure [Introduction/Title Card/Background on Film, Credits, etc.], what tools it uses — is it a voice-over? does it use music? is it heavily edited? does it use graphics? — what is focused on, what argument it is making, how effective it is, how long it is, how many films it uses, what techniques it depends on, etc.). Be as thorough as you can be, keeping in mind that we want to begin answering Kevin B. Lee’s question “What Makes a Video Essay Great?” Embed the video essay into your post and post an image (screenshot) of it. 500 words or more.


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